Predicting Where the Top 5 NBA Free Agents Will Land in 2014

With a strong line-up of NBA free agents next summer, it is intriguing to debate as to various superstars will decide to playing.

There are many NBA stars who have revealed that they will their value in free agency.

5. Luol Deng – Chicago Bulls

Unrestricted Free Agent.

2014-15 Destination: Memphis Grizzlies

Derrick Rose has been ruled out for the remainder of the season, and a lot of speculation suggests that Deng’s departure from Chicago may accelerate a rebuilding process.

The 28-year-old Deng, is a legitimate offensive threat as well as a tireless defender, and will not be short of possible suitors moving forward.

After failing to agree on a new deal, it is widely accepted that Deng will leave the Windy City this summer.

The Memphis Grizzlies are struggling at small forward with the ageing Tayshaun Prince who is shooting 41.4% from the field.  If Zach Randolph is willing to restructure his contract the Grizzlies would have enough cap room to sign Deng.  Memphis would be a legitimate title contender with the addition of Luol Deng.

4. Chris Bosh – Miami Heat

Early Termination Option

2014-15 Destination: Miami Heat

The Miami Heat will have numerous decisions to make this summer, as practically their entire roster will be unrestricted free agents at the end of the season.

While his individual production has been falling since his move to South Beach, Bosh is still essential to Mimai’s success.  The Heat are unlikely to find a better, more established and experienced, player available.

3. Dwyane Wade – Miami Heat

Early Termination Option

2014-15 Destination: Miami Heat

Similarly to Bosh, Wade’s future is linked with what the franchise decides to do moving forward.

Given the health of his knees, Wade’s role is most likely going decrees the years go on.

If LeBron James stays, then Wade’s decision will be a lot easier, although this decision may be a in the hands of the team rather than the player.


2. Carmelo Anthony – New York Knicks

Early Termination Option

2014-15 Destination: Los Angeles Lakers

Anthony has openly admitted that he would like to test free agency when the opportunity presents itself this summer.

The Knicks let a genuine chance of title last season slip away and ‘Melo has struggled mightily this year with new faces.

Anthony will hook up with Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles, as both are hungry for a title.

1. LeBron James – Miami Heat

Early Termination Option

2014-15 Destination: Miami Heat

The biggest question of all, not only for not only Miami, but NBA fans everywhere: Where will LeBron James be next season?

James will be competing for a third consecutive title, and continues to build his legacy with the Heat.

Speculation will link him with other options, including a “return” to Cleveland. However, the King has found his home and it is extremely unlikely he will venture elsewhere.

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